About Apple Counseling

A Note From Michelle Apple


I have been in counseling since 1996.  My mission throughout my career has been to help my clients with the situations that they are currently struggling with or have struggled with in the past.

After I began private practice, I realized the benefit of having a group practice to bring in lots of professionals with a variety of life and work experiences. This enables us to help entire families with everyday struggles to the very the difficult problems. It is more the norm that when change is going to take place, several individuals will need to change behavioral patterns or need support. Thus the benefit of having a multi-disciplinary team to work on these tough situations is that there are more resources and more brain power.

Since creating my group practice several years ago, I sought out the team that I have in place today.  Our mission has stayed the same in that we are here to listen, support, and push our clients to meet the goals that they set for themselves and their families.  We are client-centered practice and aim to make our clients feel comfortable.  

We have a good balance of counselors that are of different ages, have a diversity of styles of practice, and possess a breadth of areas of expertise. You can expect excellent care in a warm, friendly, comfortable environment.