Adult ADHD Test

If 8 or more of the below listed traits are continuously persistent in an individual's behavior, then they may have ADHD. 

  1. Gives up easily on tasks, assignments and self-interests. 
  2. Poor reality testing skills, and avoidance of reason or logic.  
  3. Poorly developed skills of integration, interpolation and extrapolation.  
  4. Poor skills of attention and concentration, unable to sustain focus of interest.  
  5. Difficulties in short term and long term memory acquisition and management.  
  6. Difficulty in making up their mind, or making choices without undue anxiety. 
  7. Poor planning abilities, unable to follow through consistently or complete tasks.  
  8. Difficulty in differentiating between competing, extraneous stimulation.  
  9. Easily distracted from tasks, conversations or social interaction. 
  10. Often over-stimulated and over-sensitized to their surroundings. 
  11. Poor listening skills, often interrupts others, abruptly changes topic. 
  12. Overly excitable, reactivate easily perseverating from one situation to another. 
  13. Inability to manage emotional responses, overly responsive to depressive neutral cascade patterns leading to temper tantrums. 
  14. Easily frustrated, emotional liable/unstable leading to the immediate changeable moods, behavioral inconsistencies. 
  15. Often hyperactive, fidgety, overwhelmed with feelings of restlessness.
  16. Inability to maintain appropriate social conduct, often disruptive in school. 
  17. Experiences difficulty in following instructions and guidance. 
  18. Impatient, continuing difficulties in delaying gratification. 
  19. Overly demanding may become self-destructive and aggressive. 
  20. Poor sleep patterns, often not rested, angry or despondent upon rising.