Ash Compton

MA, LMFT-Associate, EMDR-Trained
Supervised by Susan Henderson LPC-S, LMFT-S


Ash Compton is a highly skilled, compassionate, and curious practitioner who employs myriad modalities to address stress, grief, anxiety, existential concerns, and to help unblock those who are feeling stuck or in transition. She is a post-Jungian and general psychotherapist Associate practicing in the depth and existential tradition, who works together with clients to co-create and reach goals. Ash works with individuals, couples, families and children. She sets a trusting and open container to enable self-expression and awareness—her style is inquisitive and easeful.

Ash Compton received an MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, with an emphasis on depth and Jungian psychotherapy. Ash’s first career was centered around the design of 3-dimensional spaces in commercial interiors, conceptual spaces, and film sets. This work set the stage for play with narrative, imagery and concept, within expressive forms and physical space. Art and image are intrinsically linked, and Ash’s art/design background lays rich groundwork for inner work and mythic exploration. She completed her graduate clinical practicum at The High Frontier, an adolescent treatment center, focusing on severe and co-morbid mental illness and addiction with males 12-18 years old. Prior to relocating to Dallas, Ash worked in a supervised private practice setting in far west Texas, focusing on dissociative disorders, bipolar and chronic pain. While in west Texas, Ash sought additional trauma training in El Paso around border issues, migrant trauma and EMDR to treat complex and acute traumas.

Ash is trauma-focused, EMDR-trained and finds working with any existing trauma, in addition to daily goals, can greatly enhance coping skills, provide personal narrative, create meaning-making and foster dynamic change in ones’ life. Ash works in depth oriented modalities, incorporating post-Jungian, existential-humanistic, psychodynamic, Self psychology, and Family Systems, and including sandtray, expressive and art-oriented methods. She works best with those curious, creative, and willing to commit to their inner work.