Monica Pavlovsky, LPC


Life throws us all curveballs and challenges that can often be difficult to navigate. I understand that managing these situations and the emotions that come with them can seem daunting. My goal is to help clients find their own clarity and way toward authenticity and balance. I strive to help kids, teens and adults let go of unhealthy defenses and find their own set of positive coping skills. Having worked with clients sorting through issues of self-image, negative behavior, identity crisis, disruptive emotions and unhealthy relationships, I strive to help you or your loved one gain understanding and learn to be their own best self.

Students face countless challenges during school. It can be confusing and frustrating to navigate the school system. With 15 yrs of public education experience, I know how difficult it can seem sometimes to advocate for your child when their needs are not being served. I specialize in school-based services, building positive self-image and coping strategies.