Parenting is hard and challenging in so many ways yet rewarding beyond belief.  Parenting at any stage of your parenting career can expose you to issues you may not know how to handle.  We can help you with your young children and understanding what is developmentally appropriate behavior for your child and the parenting techniques that may best fits.  Each child is different and needs specific strategies designed to make he/she successful. 

Parenting for the adolescent child is even trickier in that you, as parents, need to establish limits and enforce them with mutual understanding and respect.  You, as a parent, need to provide the best environment you can for your teen to pass into adulthood through setting specific and clear expectations.  Learn to let go when the situation is not harmful.  Experience can be the best teacher.  Positive reinforcement is so important to guide your teen through making good choices.  Consistent, fair treatment, and logical consequences provide a good foundation for getting along.